Saturday, March 5, 2011

A great Etsy Banner

You have just set up your Etsy Business and now you need a banner, and you are not sure what you want. Here are some tips:
  1. With your banner design give your customer a good idea of what they will find in your shop.
  2. Make sure your banner ties in with the colors and branding of your business. I love using images from the customers products.
  3. Use your banner to share more about your business WITHOUT making your banner to busy..Don't OVERFILL your banner with to much information.
  4. It is okay to look at all of the similar business banners out like your business. Don't try to imitate their designs make sure you do something DIFFERENT.
  5. A Great banner means nothing without a great product images. Make sure you take great photos. FotoFuse is an awesome tool.
Once you feel you have answered these questions Check out my etsy shop and
order a custom banner for yourself. Banners start at just $5 and you can add, matching blogs, product packaging labels, facebook and twitter banners and so much more.

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