Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blog Feature!

I was recently contacted about doing a giveaway for a blog and I said sure! I had no problem. So soon enough she said that she would "review" me as well. I began to ask her what she needed and she needed a new identity for herself and her company so I was happy to help!

She didn't exactly know what she wanted, all she knew was that she loved owls and she loved gemstones. I had a bit of trouble making the perfect owl for her but eventually I made one that she loved. I then began my work and turned it into an OOAK (one of a kind) logo! 

After she okay'd my proof I made her a matching etsy set for her shop! It included a new banner, avatar, custom listing and thank you graphic for her feedback.

Once everything was finished she posted it up on her etsy. You can find her here She has wonderful creations! Oh! Get this! The review is finally up! You can read it here It is also a giveaway! So go and enter to win your own custom shop set!

1 comment:

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